Guru Financial.A mobile lending application that is payday

Guru Financial.A mobile lending application that is payday

A mobile lending application that is payday

Guru the lender that is friendly a mobile payday financing application, assisting individuals get free from these economic problems by giving all of them with little affordable loans and educational resources to aid enhance their finances.


Individuals require use of credit so that you can assist spend their bills and look after their loved ones, however the normal pay day loan is inconvenient and has a tendency to keep borrowers in a period of financial obligation. With research showing over 80% of pay day loans rolled over or re-borrowed, and just 14% of borrowers really in a position to manage to spend them straight right right right back, mostly because of rates that are exorbitant.


Guru could be the very first motivation driven payday financing solution available in the market providing an amiable replacement for those in need. With an incentivized payment program, the debtor is rewarded by having an incrementally lowered interest with every loan payed on time. As well as which makes it less expensive and available for folks to qualify and payback their loans, Guru is focused on educating users on what they could enhance their situation that is economic with content and use of academic resources. just How did Guru Financial ag ag ag ag e become?

Around couple of years ago, we began throwing some company a few ideas around, mostly when you look at the technology that is financial (FinTech). Like most aspiring group of business owners, we attempt to determine a challenge or “gap” and propose an answer or substitute for the status quo. Devamını Oku