7 Maxims of Positive Profile Writing

7 Maxims of Positive Profile Writing

Your profile. It’s the beginning that your matches get yourself a glimpse to your character and history. Do you know the most useful how to keep this really important info truthful, intriguing and positive?

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “you catch more flies with honey.” Meaning: individuals are obviously interested in the good. Negativity obviously repels.

Whilst the characteristics of past lovers and duplicated online disappointments could be helpful input in making present choices, developing a profile full of your deal-breakers and warnings about yourself may sabotage the possibility at drawing the “flies”. Alternatively, you are able to discover the skill of rewording with a spin that is positive.


We know those who “can’t manage the truth.” Literally, they power down or alter this issue each and every time a delicate topic arises. Ignoring reality doesn’t need to be exactly like keeping an outlook that is positive. It is feasible to acknowledge painful and negative things without making them the main focus. Devamını Oku